So right now I’m not sure whether to post whenever I think of an alias or bashrc function or to collect them all here. For now, I’ll just add to this post as I think of them. While not technically aliases, I’ll mostly include functions that I’ve placed in bashrc because to me, they serve the same purpose: they fulfill a certain requirement with less typing.

Backup File

Renames file argument to .tmp to preserve a copy then renames file argument to .bk as backup. Finally it renames temp file to original filename as experiment file

function bk() {
    cp $1 $1.tmp
    mv $1 $1.bk
    mv $1.tmp $1

Deploy Octopress Site Changes

This one is used to deploy any changes to my site. After creating a post or changing the html/css, I just have to type in “deploy ‘<git commit message’” and itwill publish the changes. It first generates the site and then deploys it. The next half adds all changed files, adds a commit message, and pushes to my github. The hardest part is just remembering to add that commit argument.

function deploy() {
    rake generate;
    rake deploy;
    git add .;
    git commit -m $1;
    git push origin source;


View any usb drives that were plugged in. The later they appear, the later they were plugged in or registered.

alias vdev='dmesg | grep -o "sd[a-z]" | uniq | tail'